Removing context menu options

When I installed Sync, it added an annoying entry in the context menu = what you see when you right click on a file in Finder.

To get rid of it, go to System Preferences -> Extensions and uncheck the box. This is also where to find similar shit from Dropbox, iCloud, and OneDrive.

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Multiple sound outputs

I wondered if it might be possible to send sound output from my teeny Macbook to both a USB-C display and a bluetooth headset simultaneously, with different volume setpoints. Turns out, it’s extremely straightforward!

  1. Open Audio MIDI Setup app. It is located in the Utilities subfolder of Applications.
  2. Click on the + at bottom left to create a new Multi-Output[/Aggregate] device. Name it.
  3. Click on the device name in the list at left, and then select Use for each input/output source you want audio sent to[/accepted from]. Volume levels can be set differently for each source and channel by clicking on that device in the list at left.
  4. If you want to control the master volume for these combo devices with your keyboard, get Soundflower and follow these instructions, which work even with Multi-Output/Aggregate devices.
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How to skip to first/last page in

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You can do page up/down and home/end on a compact Mac keyboard [Macbook, minimal BT keyboard] by using the function (fn) and arrow keys:

  • fn + up-arrow = PageUp
  • fn + down-arrow = PageDown
  • fn + left-arrow = Home
  • fn + right-arrow = End
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How to download CBC videos

Sources: and

Instructions listed below work on a Mac running OS X High Sierra with web browser Google Chrome latest version. YMMV if you are on Linux or Windows and/or using a different browser.

  1. Ensure that you have Chrome browser and VLC app installed.
  2. In Chrome, navigate to the video you want to download on the CBC website. Start playing it.
  3. Open Chrome Developer tools in the same window. From the menu: View –> Developer –> Developer Tools. Then click the Network tab. Filter the list of files for “m3u8” (omit the quotes). Click around the results, looking for anything ending in .m3u8. To check that you have found the right .m3u8 URL, try copying it and pasting it into a new browser tab and see if the video you want starts playing. If it does, you have the right one. In my example, the resulting URL is Copy this URL to your clipboard.
  4. Now open up VLC. From the menu, choose File –> Open Network. Click the Network tab. Paste the URL from the previous step into the box. Then select the checkbox Stream output: and click on the Settings... button to the right of that. Next, click on the File radio button and enter a location to save your file. (The other default settings are fine; leave them as-is.) Press the OK button at the bottom right of this popup window to close it. Then press the Open button at bottom right of the original VLC window. This starts the download. Oddly, VLC does not provide a confirmation window, but it is downloading your video in the background. Wait until it has done — this might take anywhere from a few minutes to a part of an hour depending on the speed of your internet connection. Presto! You are done.

Enjoy your video. If you wish to transcode it to a different format, e.g. to play on a different device, I recommend Handbrake app.

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How to disable Spaces

  1. System Preferences > Mission Control: uncheck everything. Set shortcut for Mission Control to “-“.
  2. System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Mission Control: uncheck everything.
  3. In a window, enter:
    defaults write mcx-expose-disabled -boolean TRUE
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Scottish gritter truck names

Today I learned that Scotland names its gritter trucks! 😂

Here’s the map link: (from

My personal favourites: Gritty Gritty Bang Bang, Luke Snowalker, Sir Andy Flurry, and Sir Salter Scott.

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Landscape printing bug in High Sierra

I noticed this annoying bug when using in High Sierra: if my page setup says landscape, when I print the page it is chopped off and in portrait mode! (The king of annoyingHigh Sierra bugs is still the blurry rendering bug seen every goddamn time you turn a page in

The solution to the cutoff-portrait printing bug is to reset the printing system, as follows. Before doing so, be aware that the price involved is rebuilding all printer presets. Take a note of them before starting.

    1. Go to System Preferences, select Printers and Scanners.
    2. Right click on the printer and select “Reset Printing System”. This will remove all saved printers and their preferences but will not delete the drivers.
    3. Add back all of the printers using the + button.
    4. Rebuild all of the printer presets.
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Setting Reader mode in Safari for particular (or all!) websites

Reader mode in Safari is one of its best features, for me. I absolutely hate the gaudy clutter on most news websites — especially anything that moves (video autoplay is pure evil). So imagine my joy when I realized that you can enable Safari’s Reader mode automatically for any given website, or even for all of them! All you do is click and hold on the reader icon to the left of the URL bar; you then get to select whether you want Reader mode enabled by default for this particular website. Easy peasy!


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Fixing icalBuddy

icalBuddy — or, more accurately, the way I was using it — broke in Yosemite, and I only recently found the solution. Using instead of macports restored my GeekTooly calendar goodness: yay!


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Tanya Tagaq appreciation

On November 25th 2016, I went to a live Tanya Tagaq concert at Trinity-St Paul’s church in downtown Toronto. It was absolutely astonishing. Such musical talent, vocal range, political voice, and rhetorical fire! She and her musical colleagues on stage were intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, and physically transfixing and re-animating. Huge admiration. Tagaq is a musician to watch. Please support her work by buying her art! And if you get the chance to hear her live in concert, DO IT.


Here is a sample of her immensely powerful lyrics. All credit is due directly to Tanya Tagaq, and all mistakes in transcription are entirely mine. Please contact me at if any corrections are needed. Thank you.


our mother grows angry
retribution will be swift
we squander her soil
and suck out her sweet black blood
to burn it
we turn money into God
and salivate over opportunities
to crumple and crinkle our souls
for that paper
that gold
money has spent us
left us in small boxes
dark rooms
bright screens
empty tombs
left investing our time
in hollow philosophies
to placate the fear
of our bodies
returning back into our mother
demand awakening!
the path we have taken
has rotted
stand upright!
conduct yourself like lightning
retribution will be swift


if you take a gram of water
and apply 1 calorie of heat to it
you will raise its temperature
by 1 degree celsius
but you need to apply 81 calories
to ice simply to change it to water
at zero degrees celsius
the latent heat of change
of state of ice to water
is as 81 times more available heat
than rising the temperature of water 1 degree
once all the ice is melted
the once covered ice area
will heat up 81 times faster
there will be no stopping it
a new steady state
of high heat tolerant life may
rapidly evolve
but human civilization as we know it
will no longer exist
’cause gaia likes it cold
’cause gaia likes it cold
’cause gaia likes it cold
the loss of ice cover
will catapult our climate
into an uncharted apocalyptic era
of rapid heating
there will be no stopping it



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