WiTopia solution for Hulu blocking

@Dan_H let me in on an awesome little secret a couple months ago: that internet-related firms have a weakness – and therefore an easy attack vector – in the form of their twitter accounts. They’re wide open to criticism there, and squashing tweeted dissatisfaction is very much in the interest of each person staffing such a twitter account.

I tweeted @witopia about the fact that Hulu keeps blocking me while I’m logged into their PersonalVPN SSL in the “USA”. They tweeted back within 24 hours with the solution: use the specific LAX server. I tried this, by starting at the WiTopia configuration maker and selecting the LAX server specifically, and so far it has worked every time. Yippee!

So I guess technically going for StrongVPN wasn’t necessary. However, I like the consistency of their service – my videos don’t buffer or drop frames when I’m on StrongVPN so far. So I’m content to keep using both WiTopia (as a satisfied customer since May 2008) and StrongVPN.

Either way, it rocks that at least two good companies are helping those of us in other parts of the world get access. To you know wut. 😉

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