AirPlayer and AirFlick

Erica Sadun is a genius. She has made AirPlay on the Mac much more useful! 😀

Warning: both pieces of software below are alpha, and come with absolutely zero tech support or warranty, so don’t attempt installing them if you feel underconfident on your Mac.

  1. If you have an iPad or iPhone which is jailbroken, you can switch from watching a video on your portable device to watching it on your Mac by using AirPlayer. To make this work you need to install AirVideoEnabler and AllPlay on your iPad/iPhone, apps which are only available from Cydia.
  2. If you have a video on your hard drive that isn’t one of Apple’s favoured formats, you can probably send it to your AppleTV 2 unit by using AirFlick. This app also handles some types of internet video, excluding Flash.
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