Making iPhone ringtones

It’s easy to make a ringtone.

  1. Open iTunes. Add the sound file you want to use to your Library if you haven’t already done so. It should be 30 seconds or shorter.
  2. Open up iTunes Preferences, then click General, then click on “Import Settings…”.
  3. Select AAC encoder from the list. Click OK. Close Preferences window.
  4. Find your sound file in the iTunes browser. Right click on it and select “Create AAC version”.
  5. Go to the Finder and open up your iTunes folder, sort by date to find the directory and filename, and change the extension to .m4r instead of .m4a.
  6. Re-import the .m4r file to iTunes. It should show up in Tones.
  7. To ensure proper syncing with the iPhone, select the Tones tab in the Sync panel that shows up when you click on your device in the Devices section of the left part of the iTunes window, and click the box for syncing Tones.
  8. Sync.
  9. Presto!

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