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New Zealand came 21st in the London 2012 Paralympics medals and 1st per capita!

New Zealand did really well at the London 2012 Paralympics – we came first in medals per capita and 21st overall, just behind Canada in 20th place.

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New bike!

Recently I wrote on this blog about my Mammoth skiing accident in 1998 that left me disabled. Well, after thirteen and a half years, I’ve finally managed to get back on a regular frame bike! It’s SO exciting. I know … Continue reading

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My Mammoth skiing accident

In 1998, while living in Santa Barbara, I had my worst-ever skiing accident. The location was Mammoth Mountain, a gigantic ski resort located on the Eastern side of the Sierra Nevada, the closest decent mountain terrain within driving range¬†of the … Continue reading

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Epic subversive Bird and Moon cartoon

I just love this cartoon! Credit for the find to @bug_girl From Bird and Moon:-

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Lion RAM hoggery

My early Intel Mac Pro running OS X Lion has been really bogged down lately in terms of RAM. After chasing various apps around for a week, I appear to have found the (a?) culprit — Spotlight’s indexing of big … Continue reading

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We remembered Darcy Allan Sheppard while Michael Bryant launched his book at TPL

I got my picture in the news for this one, too. The protest was organized by Ben Mueller-Heaslip. (photo: Torontoist)

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NZ came 15th in the London 2012 Olympics!

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