New bike!

Recently I wrote on this blog about my Mammoth skiing accident in 1999 that left me disabled. Well, after twelve and a half years, I’ve finally managed to get back on a regular bike frame! It’s SO exciting. I know my busted-up shoulders neck and back will take a bit of time to adjust, but I’m committed to the process and to active transportation in general.

For those who are interested, the only modification I made of the bike was to substitute hyper-adjustable touring handlebars for the normal ones in order to shift the steering up and towards my navel. The Modolo “Dumbo”s (Italian) are fully adjustable with three degrees of freedom, and I’ll be able to alter the recipe to taste as I get used to the new rig.

The Giant Seek 0 (2011 model) goes so FAST compared to my Strida 3.2 with only one gear, it’s amazing! The gears for this bike, all eight of them, are hidden inside the rear hub – in a broadly similar style to the old 3-speeds from days of yore. In other words, they’re planetary gears. Cooooool. The other neat mechanical feature is the front and rear disc brakes, which will work well in a few inches of snow, unlike caliper brakes. I’ll certainly be riding it even in winter – it’s a four-season bike.

For now, I’m just BAAAAASKING in its newness. And I already registered it with the Toronto Police.

Mega-thanks to Owen of Sweet Pete’s for helping get me on this bike. I’m indebted to him for being willing to listen to my knowledge about my own eccentric physical constraints and to work with me to solve them. That’s why I bought the bike there: he was interested in helping me achieve my bikey dream. I’d also like to thank a nice bike mechanic at MEC who helped along the way.


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