Nonbinary trans plaudits for the McLean Clinic in Mississauga

This review is about “FtM top surgery”. I had mine done by Dr Hugh McLean in late 2015. Every stage of the process was superb: I have not felt more welcomed in any medical environment in Toronto in over a decade and a half. My nonbinary transgender identity was instantly respected right from the first appointment, without fuss, including pronouns. What to expect from the surgery was well explained, and the post surgical care instructions were both comprehensive and straightforward to follow. Telephone and email support was excellent as well as in-person support at appointments.

I had the double incision procedure with double grafts, and am very pleased with the results six months out from surgery. My chest feels the right shape for the first time in my adult life, and I like the way it looks. I am standing 2cm taller, just because I am no longer slouching to hide twin chest aliens. My entire torso is moving better, and I am even breathing more easily. The liberation I have experienced from top surgery has been profound. You will find me smiling spontaneously more often, and almost strutting down the street where previously I slinked. I am transformed.

Ontario should add Dr McLean to the register of surgeons paid by OHIP to do trans surgeries if they have not already done so. I strongly recommend the McLean Clinic to any trans person seeking top surgery, even those who (like me) manage chronic pain. If your top surgery is timed right to participate in the student Breast Clinic at the Sutherland Chan school of massage therapy as well, do that too. It really helped my scar healing.

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