How to download CBC videos

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Instructions listed below work on a Mac running OS X High Sierra with web browser Google Chrome latest version. YMMV if you are on Linux or Windows and/or using a different browser.

  1. Ensure that you have Chrome browser and VLC app installed.
  2. In Chrome, navigate to the video you want to download on the CBC website. Start playing it.
  3. Open Chrome Developer tools in the same window. From the menu: View –> Developer –> Developer Tools. Then click the Network tab. Filter the list of files for “m3u8” (omit the quotes). Click around the results, looking for anything ending in .m3u8. To check that you have found the right .m3u8 URL, try copying it and pasting it into a new browser tab and see if the video you want starts playing. If it does, you have the right one. In my example, the resulting URL isĀ Copy this URL to your clipboard.
  4. Now open up VLC. From the menu, choose File –> Open Network. Click the Network tab. Paste the URL from the previous step into the box. Then select the checkbox Stream output: and click on the Settings... button to the right of that. Next, click on the File radio button and enter a location to save your file. (The other default settings are fine; leave them as-is.) Press the OK button at the bottom right of this popup window to close it. Then press the Open button at bottom right of the original VLC window. This starts the download. Oddly, VLC does not provide a confirmation window, but it is downloading your video in the background. Wait until it has done — this might take anywhere from a few minutes to a part of an hour depending on the speed of your internet connection. Presto! You are done.

Enjoy your video. If you wish to transcode it to a different format, e.g. to play on a different device, I recommend Handbrake app.

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