Gorgeous Labour Day long weekend weather

It was *glorious* for Saturday Sunday and Monday. I went on three favourite bike rides in three days and lapped up the sunshine and blue blue skies.



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Nice skies


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Dark theme for Tweetbot for OS X

See: https://github.com/lucifr/Tweetbot-for-Mac-ColorScheme



  1. Download the Colors.plist file.
  2. Go to /Applications/Tweetbot.app/Contents/Resources/. Either by right clicking on Tweetbot.app and choosing “Show Package Content” or by pressing Cmd+Shift+G in Finder and pasting the path in.
  3. Backup the original file /Applications/Tweetbot.app/Contents/Resources/Colors.plist to a safe place.
  4. Copy the downloaded Colors.plist and paste it into /Applications/Tweetbot.app/Contents/Resources/. You might need to enter your Administrator’s password.
  5. Restart Tweetbot and enjoy.
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Pride hikoi

This year I marched in the Friday Trans March and the Sunday Pride Parade for the 2016 Toronto Pride festivities. There was increased police presence everywhere because of Orlando (and many cops were in a bad mood because they got no Canada Day long weekend days off).

This was my first Pride with my new voice and my new chest shape. I was SO PROUD to march with other University of Toronto people.

A valued queer friend gave me this blessing after the Parade, which I will treasure:-

I love you just the way you are in all the ways you were, the ways you are, and the ways you will be

Truly, what better goal is there to aspire to?

The front and back of our T-shirts:-




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How to make gamed STFU

launchctl unload -w /System/Library/LaunchAgents/com.apple.gamed.plist

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Nonbinary trans plaudits for the McLean Clinic in Mississauga

This review is about “FtM top surgery”. I had mine done by Dr Hugh McLean in late 2015. Every stage of the process was superb: I have not felt more welcomed in any medical environment in Toronto in over a decade and a half. My nonbinary transgender identity was instantly respected right from the first appointment, without fuss, including pronouns. What to expect from the surgery was well explained, and the post surgical care instructions were both comprehensive and straightforward to follow. Telephone and email support was excellent as well as in-person support at appointments.

I had the double incision procedure with double grafts, and am very pleased with the results six months out from surgery. My chest feels the right shape for the first time in my adult life, and I like the way it looks. I am standing 2cm taller, just because I am no longer slouching to hide twin chest aliens. My entire torso is moving better, and I am even breathing more easily. The liberation I have experienced from top surgery has been profound. You will find me smiling spontaneously more often, and almost strutting down the street where previously I slinked. I am transformed.

Ontario should add Dr McLean to the register of surgeons paid by OHIP to do trans surgeries if they have not already done so. I strongly recommend the McLean Clinic to any trans person seeking top surgery, even those who (like me) manage chronic pain. If your top surgery is timed right to participate in the student Breast Clinic at the Sutherland Chan school of massage therapy as well, do that too. It really helped my scar healing.

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Aotearoa 3rd gender passport achieved!

Hey everyone. I’m now the proud owner of a New Zealand passport marked with “X” gender, which is neither “F” (feminine) nor “M” (masculine). So much love to everyone who helped this happen. ❤️💛💚💙💜

2016-05-30 20.37.00

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Awkward Yeti rocks

The Awkward Yeti cartoon is hilarious. See for example



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Sideloading f.lux onto iPhone 5 running iOS 9.3

From the f.lux website:-

Sideloading f.lux on iOS with Xcode 7

In Xcode 7, you can install apps directly to your iOS device with a free account from Apple. So we decided to make a beta version of f.lux for people to try.

It’s a few more steps than installing the app store, but there are plenty of harder things even on Pinterest. So, here’s how to get f.lux installed on your iOS device.


  • Mac, OSX 10.10 or greater
  • 1 installed version of Xcode 7
  • 1 Developer account (use your AppleID)
  • 1 Download, f.lux for iOS, unzipped


First, mix the build ingredients together. Batter may be slightly lumpy.

  1. Open the “iflux.xcodeproj” project in Xcode
  2. Open Xcode > Preferences > Accounts and enter your iCloud or developer credentials
  3. Under Targets > iflux > General > Identity, add a word to the end of the Bundle Identifier to make it a unique name
  4. In the same place, under Identity > Team, select your iCloud account or Developer profile

While the batter chills, connect your iPhone or iPad and load the iflux build:

  1. From the Xcode Product menu, choose Destination and select your iOS device (f.lux doesn’t work in a Simulator)
  2. Push Cmd-R when you’re ready to have f.lux
  3. When you first run, you’ll be prompted to open Settings > General > Profile on your device, and trust your developer account
  4. Run again, and allow location and notifications (things don’t work so well without both of these)

By loading an app this way, there are no automatic updates or bug fixes, so this version does a daily update check. If one is available, a message will appear at the bottom of the app, so you can stay up to date when we make fixes.

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Pretty Norwegian weather graphs

Found some rather pretty weather graphs that suit my brain. First, the meteogram



Second, a nice ASCII Version for the command line

meteogram: finger toronto@graph.no

one-liner: finger o:toronto@graph.noScreen Shot 2016-03-26 at 15.05.46


There’s also

ascii art: curl wttr.in/toronto

Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 15.05.29

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