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Fixing icalBuddy

icalBuddy — or, more accurately, the way I was using it — broke in Yosemite, and I only recently found the solution. Using brew.sh instead of macports restored my GeekTooly calendar goodness: yay!  

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Pretty Norwegian weather graphs

Found some rather pretty weather graphs that suit my brain. First, the meteogram http://www.yr.no/place/Canada/Ontario/Toronto/avansert_meteogram.png Second, a nice ASCII Version for the command line meteogram: finger toronto@graph.no one-liner: finger o:toronto@graph.no https://0p.no/2014/12/13/graph_no___weather_forecast_via_finger.html There’s also ascii art: curl wttr.in/toronto

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Using GeekTool to put iCal events on the desktop

Do you like GeekTool? I do. It enables putting stuff like to-do lists and weather graphics on your desktop, behind all the app windows. For instance: you can choose an Image geeklet and feed it the following URL: http://www.theweathernetwork.com/common/maps/satrad/gta/is_satrad_na_ca_gta_all_en.jpg to … Continue reading

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