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The ODTV (On-Demand TWiT Video) project was begun in late 2008 by kiwinerd (me), and ended naturally in early 2011 as it was no longer needed. Two and a bit years of unpaid volunteer work from English-speaking geeks scattered around the world was a damn fine effort, and it was also great fun. In the end, we provided the TWiT community with about 1500 videos for free, which I still have on an old hard drive somewhere. Thanks to everyone involved, especially:-

  1. all the other members of Team ODTV who contributed volunteer time over the project's lifetime, including steveh, jeh, PcGuy, Ikon, sunkenplanet, sharp65, mikerm, syanick, indiana, RalphSaunders, StormBasiat, CriticalMass, DIX-flatline, iso50, Caleb, DarkPC, Steeve, ChrisJones, DrNumb, FiveOfEight, thelosh, meny311, jdwusami, kylehase, NiteInJail, and Houdini7 from IRC.
  2. TWiT fans, who donated to our earlier bandwidth expenses, and then Leo Laporte himself, who donated Cachefly bandwidth. In our heyday, we were using terabytes a month.

*ALL* the ODTV content was removed from Cachefly's servers awhile ago, so there is no point in asking me to resurrect the old site I used to run at this URL.

Here is the ODTV test pattern by jeh; the ODTV logo above is by kiwinerd.

odtv test pattern