unchecking twitter interests boxes

I hate a lot of things about the twitter interface, and only stay because I want to read hundreds of awesome people's takes on life the universe and everything.

It is annoying how the web interface automatically assigns you interests whether you are actually interested in those topics or not. Here is a solution for unchecking all those goddamn boxes at once. Disclaimer: this works for Safari on the latest version of OS X, if you use a different browser or operating system you will have to figure it out for yourself.

  1. first, you will need the Developer menu activated in Safari.
  2. navigate to
  3. in the Safari menu, pick Develop -> Show Javascript Console.
  4. paste in this code:-
    var timer=100;document.querySelectorAll("div > input[type='checkbox']:checked").forEach((interest) => { setTimeout(function(){},timer);timer+=2000;});
  5. let it do its work! ☺️